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Terms and conditions:

Site www.fotocepelak.cz offers a simple and user-friendly environment. The main galleries of this site are links to the gallery, guests and user´s galleries. It also includes a forum that enables the users for sharing ideas and advice. Under the tab guests you will find links to sites of invited guests, and you can see their complete formation.

For active components – user´s gallery, forums and comment on image, you must create an account by registering. It is not allowed to create multiple accounts with one user. A violation of this rule - the operator reserves the right to delete duplicate accounts created by one person.

Photo Club:

As already mentioned our site provides all the other photographers to share their formation with other site visitors. For this purpose Photo Club site was created. Here you can create a profile, upload photos and arrange in individual presets categories. The condition for the creation of the profile is properly filled name, surname and Mail login. Photo Club site is a loose grouping of photographers of different directions and focus with the presentation of their photos on www.fotocepelak.cz. The gallery can enter one photo per day, with max. 230 kilobytes. Other recommendations - recorded size photo to 940px. The user can delete photos

We ask that each user maintain tact and common decency rules. In case of breaking the rules, the operator reserves the right to delete user's account and prevent him create a new one.

Not permitted:

general unethical behavior (abuse, profanity, peer ridicule, etc.) create advertising and spam violate the copyright on all published photos

All published photos are under copyright. Any further sharing, copying or other usage is being allowed only to whom, who posseses the written consent of the author. In all categories is prohibited to share photos: containing child pornography and pornography in general, inc. all photographs depicting human genitalia except for acts of art containing products directly connected with advertising containing a foreign private persons, without the prior agreement


In this gallery you can see the formation of invited guests. Every photographer has12 photos in their gallery and a link to the site.


Under this section of the best photos of all our invited guests you can visit a formation classified by themes: architecture, nature, animals, macro, people, still life, art photography, documentary and sports. This way you can easily see exactly the topic you are interested in.